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The Single Use Waste Pandemic

Our planet is a lot of things – round, blue, full of life, the carrier of the human race, god’s most beautiful creation and the only liveable ecosystem with chocolate in it. but what it’s not, is ‘forever’. it evolves as we change our attitudes towards it. As people are getting unhealthier, it’s no surprise that the planet is too

But, what if you could change this? yes, you!

If you are here, you probably already know about waste problem in the world. With Refillable, we are changing the face of packaging and consumption.

There is no such thing as sustainable materials; there are, however, sustainable systems. You can count on us for ensuring that everything you use will be washed and reused!

Our products are durable, BPA and BPS free and are professionally cleaned and sanitized in a commercial washing centre.

Through our system, each family can save upto 5KGs of waste per month!

How to Refill?

A different delivery model!
We follow the milkman model and offer convenience to each consumer! You decide if you want to be refilled

1. Book our product/service online

2. On the day of refill, BYOC (bring your own container) or purchase one at our mobile refill station.

3. Our Refill Agent will disinfect your packaging and refill as per your order

4. Congratulations, You just saved a bottle from entering the landfill, enjoy your product!