Dedicated to the elimination of single use plastics. Free delivery on orders over INR 500/-


You might have questions for us

We would love to answer them!

A. Basics

  1. Why did we launch a refill delivery service for home and personal care products?
    We want to offer a service to people who want to help the environment a step at a time while still offering ease of use.

  2. How do I get started?
    Just order any of our products online and we will be there!

  3. Where is Refillable available?
    Currently, we are only servicing the city of Mumbai. With plans of reaching all the metropolitan cities soon! Not near you yet? Sign up for our mailing list here.

B. Product Details

  1. How do you ensure Hygiene and Safety?
    Hygiene and safety is key for the team. Refilling products that are in contact with us require a perfect control of the hygiene processes and standards. This is why we work with hygiene specialists to develop our offering.
    – For instance we will never mix 2 different liquids together.
    – Our system is designed to prevent contamination from one bottle to the other. In short the aperture of the bottle you bring us will never touch any of our equipment.

  2. Why should I purchase from refillable?
    Apart from helping the environment become greener, Our prices are much lower than other brands in retail or e-commerce plus we donate essential products to the underpriviliged on your each purchase!

  3. Can I customise my kit?
    Yes, we have 5 products. You can choose any!

C. Refills

  1. When do I get my first refill/product?
    While the standard boring response may be 5-7 working days after you place the order, we have assigned Friday as our delivery day for the entire city.

  2. How do I get my refills? 
    You can either get your used bottle for refill or purchase our aluminium bottles. Both of them will be disinfected in front of you and filled as per your desired quantity!

  3. How is your service eco-friendly?
    Each time you refill, we save 50gms of plastic from entering the ocean! If that was not enough, we offer aluminium bottles with crop waste lids just in case you want new packaging.